Design Creations

Discover the Alchemy of Light

In the lighting world, I don’t just create fixtures; I orchestrate the symphony of illumination. Welcome to a realm where custom-made and handmade merge to conjure light that transcends the ordinary and transforms your space into a masterpiece.

My lighting fixtures are more than designs; they’re the essence of enchantment. Each piece is a testament to the artistry of light, where form and function coalesce. We don’t just light up rooms; we infuse them with allure.

Whether you’re seeking a captivating chandelier or a lighting solution that’s uniquely you, our creations are a portal to the extraordinary. Let us craft the ambiance you’ve always dreamed of—a realm where the radiance of light transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary

Explore our collection and witness the artistry of custom-made, handmade lighting, where every fixture is a stroke of brilliance.

Nature’s Symphony in Light
In our creations, nature’s wonder becomes art. Organic designs, inspired by the harmonious beauty of the natural world, bring an enchanting touch to your space. Each fixture embodies the magic of the earth’s forms and textures, illuminating your surroundings with a sense of wonder.
Our lighting is a fusion of the organic and the extraordinary. Like fireflies in the night, each piece captivates with its unique charm, casting spells of light and shadow that dance harmoniously, illuminating nature’s poetry. Discover how we breathe life into your spaces with nature’s inspiration, where every design is a testament to the art of creation.

This light was commissioned by a first responder to honour those who had fallen. The “911 Light” is a hanging fixture of exquisite elegance and balance, featuring vertical layers of beaded crystals gracefully supported by a hexagonal blue frame. It emits soft brilliance through two light sources – a central bulb and LEDs beneath the frame – casting an enchanting play of illumination. The blue frame, suspended by a quadrupled coil with a central black frame, adds to the fixture’s allure. Its design embodies perfect proportions, creating a sense of harmony and sophistication. Each source of light introduces a new dimension of soft brilliance, turning the surroundings into a radiant oasis of beauty and charm.

Step into a world where science meets enchantment with our Light Chasing Neurons, an artful portrayal of neural pathways that leave a light trail behind. In this golden symphony, foils entwine and dance as if chasing an elusive muse. Their grace adds a glamorous touch to your space, turning it into a work of art. Like neurons sparking connections in the brain, the foils create an intricate web of luminous beauty. Let this captivating creation inspire your surroundings, leaving behind a trail of golden magic leading to your space’s heart.

Introducing the enchanting world of Crinkle, where light gracefully dances through a landscape of golden, broad foils. This stunning fixture takes on a crinkled form, casting a mesmerizing array of patterns. With each fold and crease, the foils become a canvas for the artistry of light. The warm, inviting glow emanates a sense of comfort and allure, like a radiant embrace. As you immerse yourself in the intricate details, you’ll be transported into a world where every crinkle tells a story.

Embrace the delicate beauty of our Iris lighting creation, where two rounded glass frames, each facing a different direction, create a harmonious dance of light. Softly illuminated bulbs at their hearts cast a serene glow, reminiscent of the gentle opening of a flower’s petals. The design captures the essence of the iris, revealing its layers in a play of shadow and light.

Embark on a journey through history with our Wagon Wheel, a captivating creation that pays homage to a rustic charm. An array of light bulbs artfully nestled on a tri-wheeled wooden structure is suspended by chains, evoking the spirit of yesteryears. Like a piece of antique charm, each wheel brings forth a warm and inviting glow, casting a spell of nostalgia and elegance. With the Wagon Wheel, let your space be transformed into a timeless oasis where history and illumination merge, creating an enchanting, rustic, refined ambiance.

Step into a realm of whimsy with our dice-lighting creation. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of a wooden framework that cradles a radiant light bulb at its core. Just like rolling the dice, let this captivating fixture bring an element of randomness and excitement to your space, unveiling a captivating dance of illumination that will leave you mesmerized.

Embark on a celestial journey with our Orbit lighting creation, a woody wonder that defies gravity. Like planets in motion, myriad strips orbit a radiant central bulb in a mesmerizing vertical dance. The warmth of wood complements the celestial ambiance, casting an inviting glow throughout your space. With each strip, the light travels on a cosmic trajectory, bringing a touch of the universe into your surroundings. Experience the enchantment of the night sky in the comfort of your home as Orbit brings celestial charm to your world.

Step into the intriguing world of our Labyrinth, where a single, thick black wire weaves an aesthetic masterpiece. This captivating design’s wire entangles and winds to create a labyrinth of visual delight. Its artful embrace, lit at its core, casts an inviting and mysterious allure, leaving you to explore its intricate paths.

Step back in time with our Paul Revere lantern, a tribute to a bygone era. Crafted with a classic copper frame, this fixture exudes timeless elegance. With a radiant bulb at its core, it evokes the spirit of historical lanterns, casting a warm and inviting glow. The design pays homage to an age when Paul Revere’s lanterns kindled the flames of history. As you bask in its gentle light, you’ll be transported to a world where the past meets the present, and the charm of history fills your space with enchantment.

Step into the world of elegance and symmetry with our Ellipse lighting creation. Five radiant bulbs, arranged in the graceful contour of an ellipse, are nestled within a sleek black frame. Like celestial bodies, they cast their light in every dimension, filling your space with a symphony of illumination. The design embodies the allure of perfect proportions, creating a sense of harmony and balance. With each bulb, a new dimension of light emerges, turning your surroundings into an enchanting oasis of radiance and beauty.

The “Nickel Light” is a grand lantern-shaped fixture with six candle-shaped lights set within a hexagonal frame, supported by a central rod, evoking a timeless, mystical, and regal ambiance. Our lighting company is dedicated to reviving this classic masterpiece, ensuring it retains its historical charm and continues to illuminate your space with an enduring, elegant glow.