Resurrecting the Brilliance of Time

In the realm of custom-made, handmade lighting, even the most cherished fixtures can regain their former glory. Do you have a lighting fixture with a special place in your heart, perhaps a family heirloom? Watch as we work our magic lovingly and carefully restoring, repairing, and retrofitting all lighting fixtures.

From the grandeur of chandeliers to the intimacy of pendant lights, from the grace of floor or table lamps to the charm of wall sconces, we weave our expertise and artistry into every detail. We’re not just repairers but the keepers of your lighting’s history.

But here’s where the genuine craftsmanship comes to life: We can metamorphose your beloved object, brimming with significance and symbolism, into a luminous masterpiece. The term “retrofit” suggests moving backward, but we prefer to see it as a journey forward, where cherished objects are reborn with the radiance of light.

Where Magic Meets Revival
Book a no-obligation consultation in our studio, where we’ll unveil the possibilities of restoration, repair, or retrofitting. Every piece carries a tale; we’re here to ensure it’s a tale of brilliance.